Fragile Mountain Punk Festival 2022


This week we got word about we being booked for the Fragile Mountain Punk Festival 2022 this summer June 30 - July 2. Looking at the lineup this far it's going to be a a super-festival with some of our favourite bands. Varoitus from Motala, Last Climb that we played with in Jönköping not so long ago and of course our long time friends in Rövsvett from Tranås. Playing can sometimes be a shit-detail but never with Rövsvett around, these guys allways bring out the best in you and make sure that everybody have a good time.

We have currently no date for when we are to enter the stage so make sure to check out Fragile Mountain Punk Festival 2022 page for more information becouse there are STILL WAY MORE FUCKING BANDS

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cheers First In Line

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I Know... Digitaly Released by Bridge Of Compassion

I Know... BUT nobody knows nothing

Opened Spotify and to our suprise we saw that Bridge Of Compassion has released our single I Know... there and apparently there has been some action too. The songs from this single have more streams than our latest realeases so the new material have been pushed down the list. Good to know the songs still hold their ground even some 25 years later. What seems to still be a mystery is who has relealesed the single on Spotify. We looked around on both iTunes, Deezer, etc but it seems to just be Spotify for now.

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History of I Know

The single was recorded at Studio Neptune in 1997 with Gerts Sjöberg at the console and mastered by Manne von Ahn at Studio Atrium in Stockholm. Story goes that Nikola and Gertz went to Stockholm in a yellow 1976 VW-Bus, former postal-bus, for the mastering and when they where done they took a shortcut throug Rålambshovsparken on trough Konradsbergsparken before they found Essingeleden. Gertz and Manne got shitfaced while mastering and Nikola didn't know the way out of Stockholm so Gertz suggested they go throug the park. Shortly after Nikola sold the bus to Johan Lindqvist in Nine/Bridge.

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cheers First In Line

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Studio is booked

It is 9 furiOus hardcore songs in total

Studiotime at Hoborec is booked in May

In beginning of May this year we are going to Hoborec in Lund for a two day recordingsession with Ulf Blomberg. The plan is to record 9 new songs for a digital release later this year so we are hard at work rehearsing them in our new rehearsingroom in central LKPG. First of is a preproduction at home to get a feel for the new material and to send it over to Hoborec to get Ulf up to speed for what it's all about. It is 9 furious hardcore songs in total. Stay tuned for more information and maybe there will be a teaser out before the summer. In the meantime check out Hoborec and Ulf's work on some of his pages.

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cheers Firstinline

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Back From The Dead Records

...yeah, do it!

A couple months ago we were contacted by MrT from the British-based Back From The Dead Records who proposed releasing Wake Up on their label and we just said .....yeah, do it!

It's a release on BandCamp and a limited edition cardsleeve CD for British market but rumors says there are a couple of them heading to Sweden soon and we'll keep you posted about when that is happening and we'll try to get the new site up and running where you can buy them and other stuff directly from here. In the meantime enjoy them over at Back From The Dead Records

Back From The Dead Records

They are a diy UK punk rock label who promote both UK and overseas bands as well as re-releasing music that deserves to be heard. We are wery proud to get the opportunity to work with them and we want to thank them for their time and effort to make this happen. Check it out and make sure to check out the other bands in their roster, there are som really nice gems out there.

Back From The Dead Records logotype.

So again, thank you for making this happen and make sure to support them by bying records, we know it's hard in these times with COVID-19 and all but those of you who can it!

cheers, First In Line

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