How to book F.I.L.

We perform anywhere, anytime and anyhow just as long as we are getting our expenses covered, that usually means transport, food, and if necessary lodging.

The gear we usually need are drums (minus cymbals and snare), two 4x12" guitarcabinets, one basscabinet, 4 microphones and a PA but we can bring our own drums and amplifiers/speakers if necessary but will add to expenses due to the need of a larger car like a van/minibus or similar. Softdrinks/coffee and a couple of beer's if and where permissible is also appreciated.

We bring him toophoto: F.I.L

Please contact us at or use the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Negative Approach At The Crypt

Oldschool - check, hardcore - check, delivered... very much so!

Negative Approach photos: F.I.L/Estberg

As expected it was an epic night at The Crypt, the guys in Negative Approach did a full hour on the stage. A big shoutout to Gaphals for getting them to LKPG and for getting us as support for the night, and of course a big thanx to the crew that turned up.

Posting some pics of the event, please send us images if you got any and we'll try to get them up here,, thanx.


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Negative Approach To The Crypt

On the October 22nd Negative Approach is playing on The Crypt in Linköping and First In Line is the supporting act.

image: wikimedia commons

We got a call from Kaj Sivervik from Gaphals about playing with Negative Approach on the 22nd October and we couldn't turn him down on this one although we recently played at l'Orient. You can find all info about the gig and how to obtain tickets at the eventpage on Facebook.

We have a surprise in our setlist that's from back in the days and if it get's even a fraction of as good as above you'r in for a epic night so make sure to get down to The Crypt on the 22nd October.


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F.I.L supports Attentat at L'Orient june 15

On stage at about 8pm, get there early! Event on Facebook

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